Friday, March 25, 2011

Green Hills Antiques and Interiors

My little home furnishings, gift and home accessories booth is located in Green Hills Antiques and Interiors at 4108 Harding Pike in Green Hills, right by the Bluebird Cafe.  It is one of my many "side-hobbies".  I recently helped them to design and establish a blog to keep customers abreast of events, new pieces, new merchants, etc.  We just went live last week, and have been trying to post every few days with updates, sales, design ideas and photos of inventory.  It has been a fun design project for me, since I have a space in the interiors market myself.  Here are a few photos of my space.  Check out the blog if you get a chance.  There is such a varied assortment of items and vendors in the market right now, it is fun to browse through and see what sort of deals or one-of-a-kind treasures you might come across.  My favorite right now is the eco-friendly wooden baby toys and furnishings in the booth next to mine.  There is a beautiful organic moses basket and stand that I want in that booth!  And I love the old-fashioned wooden toys.  Enjoy the pics...

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